Weekly Parish News 

Parish News is still going to look understandably different even though Public Worship has now been reinstated. We want to be able to offer material to those who are able to attend Church and those who aren't. Below are links to the Service material and Bible readings for the Parish Eucharist or Morning Worship which you can use to join in with, as well as children's material for you to use at home. Disposable copies of the Service sheet will be available in Church. Do feel free when in Church to follow the readings on your Smartphone if you wish.

For the Parish Eucharist or Morning Worship

Parish Eucharist during COVID restrictions

Morning Worship during COVID restrictions

There is also An act of Spiritual Communion which you can use at home if it is not possible for you to receive Holy Commuion in Church

An act of Spiritual Communion

Readings for the Week

Sunday 25 October - Bible Sunday

Childrens Material

Children's Quiz sheet for Sunday 25 October

Children's Colouring sheets for October

Extra Children's Activity sheet for Bible Sunday

Extra Children's Colouring sheet for Bible Sunday - all the books of the Old Testament!

Some more children's sheets and Bible stories

Gifts of the Holy Spirit activities

Gifts of the Holy Spirit wordsearch

Jonah and the fish

Loaves and fishes

The Story of Moses 

Online Material

www.scriptureunion.org.uk    A useful resource site from an established Christian organisation

www.churchofengland.org     #faithathome initiative





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